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Boat Lifts

Boat Lifts

All lifts include a Lorenz custom-built, chain drive, gear reduction winch with an aluminum winch wheel.

Cantilever Lifts
Cantilever lifts utilize a carriage which folds back and down, which, in very shallow water conditions, can allow you to reach back into deeper water to get your boat onto the lift. We offer cantilever lifts for boats and pontoons in 2000, 3000 and 4000 lb capacities in 108 or 115 inch widths. Cantilever boat lifts include 4 individual aluminum, rubber-topped cradles as standard bunks. An upgrade to full-length bunks is available.

Vertical Lifts
There is 56″ of travel in the carriage from lowest point to highest.

Front legs can raise lift 2′ and back legs can raise rear of lift 3′. Winch mounting allows the lift to be used for either right or left loading, meaning the lift can be moved to either side of a dock at any time.

Height adjustment of the legs is held by double stainless set screws at 30″ and 36″ from the bottom making it easier to adjust the height of the lift while in the water.

Full length, rubber topped aluminum bunks are included as standard supports with vertical boat lifts and 2″x 10″x16′ wooden bunks are included on the pontoon lifts.

Our vertical lifts are available in 108″ or 115″ widths with 3000#, 4000# and 5000# weight bearing capacities.

PWC Lifts
Our personal water craft lifts are available as either single (1000# or 1500# capacity) or double (2000# cap) lifts. The double PWC lift has 2 sets of bunks on 1 carriage. The bunks are set at 2 different heights, so that 1 PWC will float off first (if you are only using 1) and the 2nd would stay high and dry unless you continue to lower the carriage. Canopies are available for both the single or double lifts

Pontoon Lifts
With the addition of 16′ long 2″ x 10′ wood bunks, our cantilever or vertical lifts become pontoon lifts. These bunks lift on the floor of the boat and not on the pontoons.

Accessories such as wheel kits, full-length bunks, motor stops and guide-ons are available. We also have several different electric winch options in both 110v and 12v.

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