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Truss Docks

Truss framework is constructed of 12″ deep aluminum side frames with a welded cross frame bolted-in every 4′. This frame is a series of 3 triangles that eliminates racking and side-to-side distortion of our framework. This system is so solid that it eliminates the need for cross chains or any other so-called deep water kits. Our deep water kit is just longer posts. Standard sections are 8′ and 16′, with special sizes available if needed. Posts are galvanized steel. The wheel posts are 2″ schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe and the intermediate support posts are 1-1/2″ pipe. Post brackets are zinc-plated steel with stainless steel bolts for set screws. We use 2 set screws on wheel post brackets. The approximate weight of the 40′ aluminum framework is 212 pounds.

Welded side and cross frames bolt together for easy transport or replacement due to accidental damage. Additional sections can be added if lake conditions warrant. Accessories bolt on to the dock and require no additional brackets or mounting holes. Height is easily adjustable by hand if you are in the water or from the deck with an optional cable come-along or post-mounted winch kit. Tires are 24″ rotomolded plastic requiring no bearings or lubrication.

Sections can be added to the basic 32′ dock to make any length needed or to make slips. Go to (Dock diagram layouts). Wheeled sections are attached by a quick connect allowing the framework sections to flex at the connections as it is wheeled in and out. Upon removal, sections can be disconnected for storage. We have many 48′, 64′ and 96′ docks in the water. Our truss dock is also easy to customize for special needs. Check out our Custom Builds page.

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